1-day Drawing Workshops


Instructor: Kevin Shifley

This workshop is a deep dive into drawing technique. Students will engage in sustained drawings, 15-20min at a time, investigating the subtleties of the drawing medium. Techniques will involve drawing from life, observation, live models, still life and more (not anime) Students are responsible for being self-directed and enthusiastic about growing as an artist. Although no previous experience is required for this workshop, students will be challenged to think critically about their work and the art making process.

**Note: Every 1-Day Drawing Workshop are individual classes and do not connect from one to another.

Target Skills:

  • Value (light and dark shading) Creating three dimensional forms on a two dimensional surface.

  • Light Weight & Direction

  • Depth of Field, near and far, overlapping, atmospheric phenomena.

Register through the following links:

August 18th - Figurative Drawing

August 25th - Observation Drawing

September 15th - Foreshortening

October 6th - Textures

October 26th - Self Portrait Drawing

November 16th - Figurative Drawing