Studio 25 Scholarship for the Arts

We want to encourage our young artists to continue exploring the arts...Which is why Studio 25 is PROUD to announce that we will be starting the ‘Studio 25 Scholarship For the Arts’!

Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines and Announcements:

Students looking to be considered for the Summer Season must have applications delivered by May 15th. The Summer Scholarship winner will be announced at the May 30th Student Art Show.

Scholarship Details:

Studio 25’s goal for the scholarship is to award our young artists and to show encouragement to continue with the arts. Applicants must be within PreK-12th grade. There will be one scholarship recipient awarded at the end of each season and will be announced at the seasonal art shows. The awarded recipient will receive one fully paid session within a season or one art workshop program valued up to $120 at Studio 25 Art Creations. Recipients must use their scholarship award in the following season. (i.e. the recipient announced at the end of the Spring Season must use their award within the Summer season.)

** If the student has already applied within the year, their application will still be reviewed each season. Applications will be disregarded after 1 year. Applicants will need to re-apply for future interest. Scholarship winner can re-apply after one year. ***

Mail Applications to:

Studio 25 Art Creations

5 Nippersink Blvd.

Fox Lake, IL 60020

Click above to download the application form.

Click above to download the application form.